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The Uber was in self-driving mode, but had an operator behind the wheel when the pedestrian was struck

An Uber vehicle operating in autonomous mode in Tempe, Ariz., struck and killed a pedestrian crossing the street Sunday night.

Local police said the vehicle, which had a human operator behind the wheel, hit a woman crossing the street outside the crosswalk. She was transported to the hospital and later died from the injuries.

Uber has suspended pilots in all cities following the deadly accident, according to media reports, and CEO Dara Khosrowshahi said in a tweet that the company was cooperating with police in its investigation.

The National Transportation Safety Board also said in a tweet that it is also investigating the accident.

The ride-hailing company began testing its autonomous vehicles in Arizona in February 2017. One of its vehicles in autonomous mode crashed in March 2017, shortly after the pilot began, and the company briefly suspended testing. Uber vehicles returned to the road after an investigation found it was not at fault.

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