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Understanding what 'VAC Ready Stock' is

When you buy a car from a Parallel Importer (PI), you may come across the term 'VAC Ready Stock'. But what does it mean?

The approval document will state the car model as well as vehicle code, and that all documents submitted are accepted by the LTA This article will explain what 'VAC Ready Stock' is, how to check if a PI has 'VAC Ready Stock', and why it is important to buy from a dealer with 'VAC Ready Stock'.

What is VAC Ready Stock?

Every car that is imported into Singapore needs to be checked by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) in order to ensure that they comply with the necessary regulations.

This process can take anytime between one to six months from the time the car reaches Singapore depending on the number of cars in queue. 

A car that has not been checked by the LTA is allowed to be displayed at a dealer's showroom but is not ready to be registered for use on the roads. Some dealers may tell you they have 'ready stock', as the car is physically in the showroom, but it may not have a VAC approval yet.

A VAC-approved car, however, is one that has already undergone the necessary checks and approval by the LTA with all the paperwork completed. Such a car only needs to be registered with a Certificate of Entitlement (COE) before they can hit the road.

How do I check if a dealer has 'VAC Ready Stock'?

Going for 'VAC Ready Stock' also takes away uncertainty of your PI running away with your money Ask to see the Vitas Approval Code letter by LTA from the dealer. This is a document that certifies the car has passed all the necessary LTA checks and inspections, and is ready to be registered for use on the road.

It includes details such as the car's make and model, as well as engine and chassis numbers, so that you can ensure that the exact car you're buying has been approved by the LTA.

Why is 'VAC Ready Stock' important?

'VAC Ready Stock' offers peace of mind, as it means that your car is already physically present in Singapore and has received all the necessary approval to be driven on the roads. All it needs to have now is a COE and it can be registered immediately for use.

Going for 'VAC Ready Stock' reduces your waiting time, and you don't have to worry about when you can receive your brand new car. If your dealer has 'VAC Ready Stock', you can drive off your new purchase in as quickly as a week. It also takes away uncertainty, as the longer you wait, the higher the possibility of your PI being unable to deliver your car, or in a rare unwanted case, run away with your money.

Therefore, it is especially important that you go for a trusted dealer that has 'VAC Ready Stock', so that you know that you can sign on that piece of paper with peace of mind.

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