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McLaren’s 600LT is a low-production ‘entry-level’ supercar

McLaren pulled the covers off of its 600LT late June, a new limited-production version of its entry-level supercar with more horsepower, less weight but, contrary to its name, no long tail.

Yes, the carbon-fibre bodywork on the car does see it gain close to three inches in length over its Sports Series siblings.

But outside of an extended rear diffuser and fixed wing, this LT – the fourth-ever McLaren to wear the “Longtail” name – has a rear end that looks a lot like a 570S‘. And it’s not all that long.

However, like its namesake F1 GTR Longtail (and the newer 675LT), the 600LT is built to be an even better track-attacker than the 570S while still being road-happy. The performance ante is upped via the shedding of some 211 lbs (to a dry weight of 2,749 lbs); the addition of power, to the tune of 592 hp total; and the employment of bespoke track-focused Pirelli P Zero tires.

Nearly one-in-four parts on the 600LT are different than the 570S, and a number of them are exhaust system pieces: the 600LT sees the pipes exit the top of the car to help reduce weight. Also doing double-duty working the cool and functional angles are the carbon-fibre racing seats inside. The regular buckets are sourced from the P1 but optional are the seats from the Senna.

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