piątek, 27 kwietnia 2018

Performance coupe with "four-wheel-drive" to lead resurrection of 8 Series line

Will kick off its resurrected 8 Series line with the performance model, the M850i, a coupe churning out a furious 530 horsepower from a “completely redeveloped” V8 making its debut in the car.

The engine will route that power – along with 554 lb-ft of torque, developed at a low 1,800 RPM – through an eight-speed automatic to all four wheels, after its handled out back by an active locking rear differential.

The rear-focused system being able to lock the diff should make for some pretty impressive straight-line launches and fantastic traction out of corners, but handling as a whole is an almost bigger focus for this new M. Flick the switch to Sport or Sport+ modes and the quiet cruiser tweaks the dampers and Dynamic Stability Control to become a track attacker.

bmw m850i 2 BMWs new M850i will boast a 530 horsepower V8
The 2019 BMW M850i xDrive.
Wheels and tires of staggered sizes front and rear are key to this handling prowess, BMW engineers note, with “higher camber values” offering “exceptionally high cornering speeds prior to the intervention of the electronics.”

The car is currently being put through final testing before it goes on sale later in 2018. 

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