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Volvo S90 Ambience Concept is All About the Experience

The S90 Ambience Concept is making its debut at the Beijing Auto Show this week. It is based on the three-seat S90 Excellence executive car and is designed to make the atmosphere of that S90 even more luxurious for the passengers being chauffeured around.

The car’s ceiling transforms based on which of seven themes are selected using the smartphone app. Choices include Northern Lights, Scandinavian Fores, Swan Lake, Archipelago, Rain, Nocturnal, and Freedom. A related image is projected on the ceiling for the car. For example, pick Northern Lights, and watch the aurora borealis dance across the headliner.

Each theme also plays synchronized audio through the Bowers and Wilkins audio system and uses one of four scents created for the car by Byredo. The scents are deployed from a port in the center console to further soothe or energize the passengers, depending on which mode is chosen.

The Ambience Concept was created for China and, unlike most concepts, Volvo is hoping to bring the car to production for that market. It will make its official debut at Auto China 2018 in Beijing this week.

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