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Mercedes planning S-Class-grade electric sedan for as early as 2020

Mercedes-Benz plans on launching an electric equivalent of its full-size S-Class sedan, an executive with the company revealed early April, due out some time between 2020 and 2022.

The German automaker is choosing not to adapt its current S-Class chassis to work with electric power, according to reports from Autocar, but will instead build an all-new electric sedan on top of a new modular chassis dubbed the MEA.

According to large-car boss Michael Kelz, the car itself will be called the “EQ S,” and it could arrive as soon as 2020. Kelz adds that 2022 is the longest we can expect to wait for a production version.

Mercedes chose to create a new platform for the electric sedan because the brand believes EVs should have short front and rear overhangs and long wheelbases, something more easily done in a vehicle that doesn’t have a bulky engine or driveshafts to contend with.

Kelz says the EQ S will be a range-topping product from Mercedes. “We will have an electric vehicle at the level of the S-Class, no doubt, but it will not be the S-Class,” Kelz said. Details have not been revealed, but a battery range of around 480 km or more is expected.

The EQ S will join the rest of Mercedes-Benz’s previously announced electric EQ lineup, including the EQ C electric SUV; and the EQ A electric hatchback. The former will be powered by a 70-kilowatt-hour battery pack and driven by two electric motors, delivering about 400 horsepower and at least 480 km of range.

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